Every story is unique, let me help you tell your story.

With the choice of dozens of photographers, it can be overwhelming choosing the right one for you. It all boils down to skill, talent and a photographic style that suits you. Although these are important, it's not just about the final product, it's about enjoying the experience too. 


Together, we will create a session based on the unique needs of your family. I will direct you, but I will not "pose" you. Keeping it relaxed allows me to capture you exactly as you are. 

My philosophy is, you can never re-live this moment again. Why waste it? You’re engraving a part of your life for yourself, and others to see. Your children and loved ones can look back on this moment years from now and cherish it just as much as you did. I find serenity in the fact that I can contribute an eternal memory for you, and your family, to have forever.


I love, love. Always have, always will. I love meeting new people who welcome me into their lives to photograph their big, and little moments. The way I view souls through my camera is the way I see life: beautiful, raw, and full of potential. To be a part of someone's milestone and capture their memories has been the greatest experience of my life. What an amazing exchange I get to be part of every time I use my camera.


From the big milestones to the art of everyday life, these are moments worth documenting and I am here to do that for you.

I will travel the world...

What's Important to me?

Meet Geoff

Geoff is my main squeeze, the better part of me. I wouldn't be where I am now, if it weren't for his constant support and pushing me to buy my first DSLR. He has been my number one this entire journey. They say we meet the one who matches our soul and connects with us in intimate levels comes into our lives unexpectedly and changes our entire worlds. He sure did - we are that quirky couple you see after seven years, still madly in love and playing basketball in a Walmart isle. 

Meet Brody

Brody is one of my three babies. He is a Golden Retriever x Newfoundland. He is a giant ball of fluff. With a compassionate personality, he loves his family and is a huge goofball. Brody was my first dog, he picked me when he was two weeks old, and came home to me at seven weeks. He is the biggest meatball and loves to pose for the camera! 

Meet Alex

This meatball is my favorite human. He is the kindest, most sweetest boy I have ever known. He is my best friend. His personality shines through his smile, He is always laughing and giving me hugs! He is quite the artist himself, and takes so much interest in Photography with me. 

Meet Chloe

Chloe is my newest baby. She is a Bloodhound Mix. She is so full of love and spunk. I fell in love with her the moment I met her. She has had a rough beginning in her life, but we swept her up and settled her into her forever home. She loves to chew on shoes, furniture and her big brother Brody's ears.

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