Why I became a Photographer - My journey


Ever since I was little, I always admired art, in any form for that matter. Anytime I would see these big posters all over the malls, or advertisements on TV and even calendars posted in places, I would instantly feel calm. Something about the way a photo would express hidden emotions I had never known were there.

Unfortunately, the circumstances in my childhood never allowed me to really explore the world of photography. I would express myself in other forms of Art, I drew things, people and places.

I can remember my mom would get these old Polaroid cameras that would instantly print the photo after you took it, however you would have to shake it dry. I couldn't get enough of them - constantly taking photos. I graduated to the Fujifilm disposable cameras - the ones you would have to take the film to Walmart to wait a few days until your photos were ready (haha).

Yep, I was that young preteen with all of the printed (and taped) photos all over her wall.

Nothing can explain the excitement I felt when I got my first 'real' camera. Let's take a look at how 'unstoppable' I was;

Almost nine years ago since these photos - this is where I started.

I chose these two photos specifically, I felt they best describe me nine years ago. Now, every photo tells its own story. If you have the ability to understand that story or feel the emotions from a photograph then you are beyond blessed. It's a true gift, and a beautiful one.

Below, I am going to share two 'then and now' collages of the same picture just eight years apart.


As embarrassing as it may be, this is my almost nine year progress. This is where I started, and where I am now. It is incredible to still have the love and fire in my heart for photography. It surrounds my entire life, and will always be so dear and important to me.

SO! Now that we know where I started, let's continue the journey together to see where we go!

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