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About Samantha

Hello, I am Samantha Peyton.

I am a mom of one bio-boy and two bonus-girls, two fur-babies and a wonderful husband.

I love, love. Always have, always will. I love meeting new people who welcome me into their lives to photograph their big, and little moments. The way I view souls through my camera is the way I see life: beautiful, raw, and full of potential. To be a part of someone's milestone and capture their memories has been the greatest experience of my life. What an amazing exchange I get to be part of every time I use my camera.

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I love newborns

I absolutely love babies. The sweet, soft, snuggly part of them. The cries - the coos, the smirks. Even when they are crying! The bonus for me is that my work revolves around babies most of the time and I absolutely love it.

I will always offer to console them, and I never want my clients feeling like they have to take charge. Relax, put up your feet and let me do the work!

A little note;

With the choice of dozens of photographers, it can be overwhelming choosing the right one for you. It all boils down to skill, talent and a photographic style that suits you. Although these are important, it's not just about the final product, it's about enjoying the experience too. Together, we will create a session based on the unique needs of your family. I will direct you, but I will not "pose" you. Keeping it relaxed allows me to capture you exactly as you are. 

My philosophy is, you can never re-live this moment again. Why waste it? You’re engraving a part of your life for yourself, and others to see. Your children and loved ones can look back on this moment years from now and cherish it just as much as you did. I find serenity in the fact that I can contribute an eternal memory for you, and your family, to have forever.

What's important to me;